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long day ...

hey hey heyyyyyy... happpy new year! whoaaa... boom baba booom...
.... so ya... tonight was pretty fun hhaha.. i'll tell ya a lil bita bout it ... hmmm... all started.. waking up this morning.. to a naked home once again === ME ..up? FIRST? ...never makes sense im always the last to go to bed but yaaaaa.. whoaa nutty.. so ya... ofcourse corn popped it up... i can't remember if it was today that i ....had the greasiest hair? ....but ..ya.. i think so... just blame'r on the weather.. so ya then got on here a bit ...checked out the journals, looked up some more guitar chords... then poof shar popped on and we chatted a bit, good to hear from'r it's been awhile... then after that.. oh ya she had to go cause her mom was naggin' bout books n' stuff.. so i went on ..doin my ---whoa whatta do? whatta do?--- whine around the house... britt asked me to take'r snowmachining ...and ya ya ya ofcourseee whoa.. so.. got all ..ready for that... went ----- and whoa, flipped'r a good one today, no cracked ribs or ripped organs yet tho... so we did that for a bit... until we thought of ..ohh ya we should make a rink infronta our house... shovel'r out.. and hose it down with some water ..let'r freeze over night ...and booom -- skate it up... so ya thinkin of it was awesome.. so we did start it but, ofcourse halfway through that ...another idea popped in our heads.. and we went inside.. did a lil movie thing on the video camera... and frick i hate it cause i was all in this freakin moooood to just ...edit and work on it for hours.... but turns out we're missin the chords that plug in the computer to ....jeez... do it.. so.. that sucked it up ....friggin got all ojaslfkjasldjflaskj uhh amd went down in the crawl space.. diggin thru junk tryin to find these chords ...i swear i put it in one'a those ..boxes... but ya... lookity look......i spotted somethin else i liked down there.. and started doin thatt haha... which was ...frick what was it again ...oh ya.. those baby walky talky things? ....whatcha use when ya check ta see if the babe's still breathing or ...something? i thought it'd be kinda cool if we shoved one'a the thingy's in the wall near our entrance door ...and left the other one in our room .. when someone walks in.. we can check n' see if they're whispering like ..."oh man, these twins are hot.. wait til u see" ..or "there house is so ugly.." or .... just plain... mommy's footsteps... then click, boom, offline----helllllooo laundry ...sorta ya know? backup eh! so ya.. maybe i'll work on that ...tomorrow? next week? spring? ...... so after that ...we just... ahh.. well i hopped in the shower... and then mom phoned --- wow first time she called yet ..loving? so amanda's just chattin'r away ....after that ...i got the news that ...she'll be home tomorrow afternoon sometime.. but it's mom so it'll be late' the plan is early wake up and straight to the shine n' shimmer ..... to make mom glimmer ...... yeee to the ..haww ..... wonder if she'll notice this stain ?... dun dun.... mr cleaaaan mr cleaaaan ....balm guy with the charm cleaaaaan mr cleaaaan .... down on grampa's farm ...ting* soooooooo... hope everyone had a goooood ol' night ... wait i didnt even explain about how we spent our new years bash ...crap haha.. ahhhh.. ya know... britt had to go to town n' babysit skyler so it was just WHOAAAA me and amanda ...... what else is frickin new when roxanne came to pick up britt... we just watched'm struggle tryin to make'r up the hilll.... total stuckage... so we ran up to .. push and help'm ......but ..haha.. it's a dodge! ya.. pushity push by cm ..i think we made an inch? so ..looked for gravel ...all we found was a board and rugs.. so we shoved those infronta the wheels .. and ahh squeals ...didnt do that much.. .aaaahhh... what do we now?.. i ran down and got bubba's cat litter ...she can hold it in for 2 days come on now.. so that worked a charm ....until we ran outta litter ...that's when we went for the bird seeds.. and chirpity chirp it worked! ya... wave bye ..ya ya... and whoa back to ---- crap, where were we again? ..oh ya.. cleanin before mom gets here ....mightas well start now ya... dundun ...clean ..nanana ....and ring ring goes the walky talky...
  • me-hey
  • jjjj's-whatcha's doin
  • me-ohhhh nuttin much just same ol' scrubbage..
  • jjjj's-oh
  • me-ha ya.. whatchu's doin?
  • jjjjj's-wonderin if u's wanna play that game with us at the resort?
  • me-hahaha ohhhh yaaa whoa.. what? okayy..sure... okay ..ya.. after sis is outta the tub
  • jjjj's-okay.. so we'll pick u's up?
  • me- no we can walk across the bay
  • jjjj's-okay...
  • me-blabbity bla ..see ya in jip!
  • so ya.. waited n' waited for amanda to get outta the tub... but i was gettin too bored a' that so i had to jump in the tub too.. finally when that was all done n' finished whoa, off to the evalake gang we go!
    oh ya, we got 2 tubs... just incase cause.. oh man no... ya... we got all bundled up and walked cross the bay to the resort ....friggin moon was beaut! lit up the sky n' iiiiiiiii yi yi ....memories of ....a lotta ...good flow hit the ....brainal core... this is when i got all ....soft n' mushy ...but ...ran it off ...and things were back to normal again ya, the rules of this cool ol' game was pretty funny cause ya with a pack of boys.. we were thinkin.. it's gotta be dangerous somehow.. or crazy spooky nuts.... but no.. haha just plain.. "skidoo tag" basically.. and if you're thinkin.. oh cool, so u chase people in skidoos and run'm over and they're it... well you're wrong ..cause haha i wish -- at least that'd add more rush and humor eh.. well bad humor ..but in a nice ..way haha... so ya.. whoops ..uhhhh the rules of the game.. one person on the skidoo drives around the resort... and... while the others hide and run away from the light of the skidoo..
    crap wait.. maybe this'll make it easier..
    "the object of the game is to NOT get hit by the snowmachine light"
    --- haaa sooooooo'whoa... it was all cute n' fun cause they were so.. into it and havin the time'a their live's ..and ya.. ofcourse we're all into it too ya know.. but.. ahh.. this is seriously it? ---- no danger? no chills or thrills? come on now.. horror movie chilllls - edge of seatness.. maybe if we added a lil' spyin on the shizo man named morris action ~ tossin sticks at his door again and havin to run n' hide all laughed up and feelin all rebelled n' bad --- haha ---- that's where the scary movie flow kicks the bad guy comes and tries to slaughter us down with chainsaws n' shite... gotta cut down the "better expectations" of games around here eh?...cause ya sorta lose interest fast... and then it's like... oops ...sorry boys... john james jer joe ....n' shite who was the other j ? .... jumpin jeezers... so ya... that was our 2 hours before "ball droppage" new years fun... after that.. we just ran back home and got inside ...sat on the couch ...laughed, made fun of ...things ---- then made fun of ourselves.. until... ringity ring... s to the har .....talked for a bit.. until... someone at the party she was at needed to use the phone.. so it was cool to talk for a bit... then i listened to some outcast..and keith decides to friggin blow the whole excitement... cause ahh.. we were gonna call'm just before the ball dropped as well... and ya, it just.. sucks when that happens.. he just.. beat us to'r eh...and at first i thought he was my uncle darcy (= step moms bro) =shockage for a sec... huh what why? ... but ya, no ..just "plain" keith as he says eh?...... so after that callage....peaked at the tv ..and frig whats all those flashy dots.... oh shite.. i misssed the ball droppage!? it's new years right nowww?? ..first year i forgot to scream n' count down ..maybe this'll be my goodluck jinx of future functioning focus ....."B-E-A utiful.." so ya that's pretty much it eh.... just random vibes tonight ....even tho we should be out there like most... all drunk n' crunk ..having lots of sex eh? ... haha...but whoaa.. ya.. that's a lil overthinkish right now eyes are doin that squinty thing.. so ya.. maybe i should go to bed eh?.. or haha maybe im just..switchin the subject cause im to lazy to explain the boom-chucka-lucka deal....... so.. ya.. this is just the "us" in us ... as we say... and sure.. flipflops could come crashin.. haha....ohh one last thing to top'r offf... after the new years droppage and bangin pots n' pans on our front deck... we randomly dialed phone numbers we didnt know ...and said to each of'm
    "hi haha happy new years and you dont know us because we're just pushin buttons and wishin people happy new years.. so happy new years alrighty?.. cool ..haha.. see ya ...klasjdflkaskdljf click....."
    and we also found a phone number shoved away in the drawer... our long lost friend jake's been 6 years ya it was pretty nuts -- gettin all ... rejuiced n' renewed to the life'a today... he's finally got'm self a girlfriend that respects him... i remember when he was obsessed with erica ....good to see'm all ...happy n' cheerier? then before? ..haha... they're even all apartmented up.. with the whole loving, living life .... flow... he's got'r all figured out... ...and that's gotta be feelin good.... okie doke... goodnight
    the new you - "nico" - whew"
    "believe to achieve"
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