nico rae (niccizgay2dayok) wrote,
nico rae

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de ja vu?

heyyy.. g'mornin... just woke up and whoa.. de ja vu all over again -- i think im not that lazy today ...just a lil' tingly ..but whoa, this bowl of corn pops should do the body good ..i think i'll be snowmachining all day again ..haha, our cousin robert's already out on the lake.. so me and amanda are gonna go cause some mischief... maybe crash into some cabins or somethin..... so everyone --- go go go go ...have fun fun fun fun.... it's almost new years ..dun dun dun... i had to add this pic of a snowmachine --- incase all you ..ahem YANKEES cough cough ... don't know what im talkin about .... ha he hooo... weeeeee.. haha --- except our's is old and ...not so together/safe...
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