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lazy eyes.. guck still waitin to be whiped out too!

whoa good mornin.. it's 10:32am.. i thought i'd be the last to get up cause i went to bed at 6:30am.. but my sisters are still out... so ya, grabbed me a bowl of corn pops and flicked on tomb raider: cradle of life ..or somethin, dont know why.. cause i didnt watch the first... i just wanted to see angelina for a sec... so now im on here.. talkin about my day.. and im guess by the looks of it'll be a sweet snowmachine day --- it wicked snowed lots lastnight.. so it'll be great.. actually crap, i forgot gonna get fixin on that seat ...where's that duck tape at? ...okie doke.. well, everyone have a ...whoa, it's new years tonight eh? ..shite... ya...
happy new years everyone
...nicci outta here
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