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determined, and willing... frickin time..

this'll be the last update for awhile hoping.. cause ya... i need to catch up on life right now ..and ya... just feel way behind.. and i start fallin in other more important things.. and.. crap, it's like living in a lake.. sometimes ya swim... sometimes yer.... back to drowning ... and ya.. i'm feelin waterlogged so ya... whoaaaa... nicole smartin' up RIGHT NOW and ---- first thing HOMEWORK.... i've already got the driving thing done... used to think that was impossible come on now.. life's easy.. breathe frick... homework.. shhmomework.. i can do it.. easy.. just a pile of papers and ink DUHH.. not hard... frickin lazy ol bag... wake up... plus ya.. uhh.. you'd feel sooo much better if ya just done it and shut up... and jeez i seriosly know this ~ and i'll wonder what'll happen if i just got my school shite done and get in this big comfy zone of thinkational flow "maybe it'll be a serious change of gooooodness...... then i'll smile and stare at a wall for ...4 mins... then... boom.. i'll go do something else.. like get on here ---- and .... haha, nothing gets done if i ...ya.. whoa you get it eh. so ya, that's about it for now... im forcin myself to ..suck in the more spillagey me - so ya keep'r short n' sweet eh... everyone take care.. keith - we'll seriously phone ya soon --- tonight? ... nutty - you keep on drinkin coffee... thump - you keep on scaring people.. rain - keep on raining on'm contradictional thoughts.. melancart - you keep on puckerin' it up with'm full n' plump lips of ...lusciousness? ......and whoa... shar... shazzy ...shar'frickin'manda.. you YOU y o u...... keep on smiling............... I'LL be back when IM back.. n i c o l e . . . why do i see me doin this all the time, like de ja vu? .... well i wont cause im seriously outta here right now.... be strong not weak.. ewww? i mean it's just a computer.... jeez... ~p-ohoh-f~ computer = compass to directional flow? ....let's just say nomore computer ..i know where i gotta go... goooooooooooooooooooodbye to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... goodbye to everything that i dooo.. just to top things off... i went to bed at 9am this mornin.. since i stayed up all night talkin and it was a good talk.. and i can already smell the changes.. so ya finally drove lil sis out to the bus around 8 and... got back cleaned for an hour.. slept from 9am - 7pm tonight ... so im feelin quite fuzzy... all im thinkin now is... how much better i feel when i do get things done and how much better it feels to "give" when im not overwelmed and thinkin of overflowed incompleteness ....i'd do so much better if i just .. acted on this .... that's pretty much it for now ... so sharmanda, thanks a lot for the talk lastnight... have fun in school and ya, you're just really "there"... ....... and remember.. sleep haha... good-night = good morning = good mood = good life.
nicole frickin wilson ..happy tone
to sum this up... after this blog.. i wont be online for a long time -- dont mean im bitched up n' too cool for ya! it just means i want, need and gotta do what hasn't been done yet! ...and ya.. whats better? me takin to you all...
  • quick like'a prick...confusion occurs with the high n' low flow - (when things aren't done).. or
  • focused, relaxed, brains in gear, motiv-mode, patient, with upbeats of happiness cause i can actually FEEL happy when things ARE happy - (things are done) .... okay... haha seriously now ..... done.</code>
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